Nikita Strunkis

The service is targeted on big companies and corporations, being also a marketplace for selling and purchasing licenses.
«asically, it allows managers and executives to activate, deactivate, and purchase licenses for their employees. Users can sell any spare licenses on the marketplace or fill their shortage.
The service works almost all over the world, which means it operates a huge amount of data, having multiple features for managing financial and tax challenges.
Moreover, the service works as an online store. Not only software can be bought here but also computer hardware with programs for experts in specific fields. E.g. users can buy a Mac with a pre-installed Adobe or Sketch software.

My challenge was to simplify the system by creating a sensible and intuitive UX. Metaphorically speaking, we turned the 'air controller console' into an easy-to-use 'dashboard'.

Now, users intuitively understand how to operate it. We significantly improved navigation and developed a convenient set of buttons and icons.

Pop-ups, wizards, and the control panel introduced to the system made a user journey easy as a piece of cake. I also compiled a customer guide on how the system and its UX can be enhanced even more in the future.

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